The purpose of the Community Advisory Committee is to assist the Geelong Cemeteries Trust to facilitate community engagement and ensure we are attuned to the needs and preferences of the communities we serve. They will also assist in ensuring that the Trusts services and policies are informed by community input such as local knowledge, as well as religious, cultural and heritage perspectives.

Community Advisory Committee Members:

S. Chisholm - (Chairman)
J. Fidge
S. Salter
A. Fairbairn - (Trust Member)
M. Harris
S. Yewdall
B. Richardson - (Trust Member)
R. Missen
H. Cameron
A. Cowden
N. Ryan
K. Mellens

Gisborne Community Advisory Committee Members:

S. Chisholm - (Chairman)
D. McArthur
H. Sankey
B. Richardson – (Trust Member)
J. Beaty
J. Scott
A. Fairbairn – (Trust Member)
E. Gardiner
D. Gardner
C. Thompson

We are currently seeking an Expression of Interest for Community Advisory Committee positions for both of our Committees. If you have an interest in applying, please complete the application form and submit it to info@gct.net.au by the closing time and date. To view the position description for available positions, please click on the vacancies below;

Community Advisory Committee Member

Audit & Risk Committee Independent Member (Geelong)