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Geelong Western Cemetery

Geelong Western Cemetery

Minerva Road, Geelong West

The cemetery was originally established to service the burial needs of those living in the western part of Geelong, as well as the outlying areas of Fyansford, Batesford and those living and working on the Moorabool Viaduct. The first Sexton appointed was Mr. David Ricketts and the first burial took place on 12 January 1858.

The cemetery was known under various names during its history; New Cemetery, New General Cemetery, Herne Hill Cemetery, Newtown Cemetery.

In the 1850’s Geelong West supported many of the poorer families of Geelong. Land was cheap and landowners could afford to erect mean dwellings and sell and rent them cheaply.

As many families could not afford burial costs, the cemetery had a regulation where a family could have one month to pay for the cost of a grave and burial and failing to do so by this time, saw the grave revert to a “public” grave.

The land set aside for Roman Catholic burials was not greatly used during the early years as the land was un-consecrated.

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