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COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

This morning (30th March 2020) the Premier has confirmed that Victoria will be enforcing the restrictions recommended by the Prime Minister last night.

Gatherings at funerals of up to 10 mourners, plus essential funeral staff has not changed.

The new restrictions announced that will impact our services are:

Public gatherings reduced to a maximum of 2 people, excluding those of the same household.

This will affect those families wishing to select graves or memorial positions for upcoming funerals, and for families making arrangements for the future.

Please be aware that due to these new restrictions, our staff will only be meeting with one family member when making these selections.

As previously advised, these meetings will take place in the grounds at a location that is predetermined at the time of making the appointment. After the selection, all correspondence with the family will be via electronic means.

We have sourced advice from the Department of Health and Human Services in regards to family attending the placement of ashes into memorial positions within cemeteries, and have been advised that the restrictions for this will be considered the same as those for a funeral service being, gatherings of up to 10 mourners, plus essential funeral staff.

As mentioned previously, things are changing rapidly, we at Geelong Cemeteries Trust are doing all we can to keep abreast of, and to inform the community of these changes.

Should you wish to discuss this further please do not hesitate to contact our administration office on 5249 3939.

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