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Environmental Sustainability: A Key Focus For Geelong Cemeteries Trust

Environmental Sustainability: A Key Focus For Geelong Cemeteries Trust

Geelong Cemeteries Trust, as an integral part of our community, understands the importance of maintaining the environment and employing sustainable environmental initiatives. 

It is our goal to continually work collaboratively with our community, as well as local and state governments to ensure that we responsibly reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and carbon footprint. It is our mission to reduce the negative impact that our services may have on the environment. 

With 21 sites and 215.2 hectares of ground maintained across Greater Geelong, Queenscliff, Surf Coast, Colac Otway and Gisborne Regions, we have prioritised the Trust’s environmental initiatives into our everyday operations. 

Recycling And Green Waste

Geelong Cemeteries Trust takes part in several recycling programs including the federal ‘Recycling of Metals Following Cremation’ program as well as recycling our cardboard into a local primary school’s art program. All paper, plastic and printer cartridges are recycled appropriately.

Our plastic name plates (from coffins following cremation) are also recycled, as well as decommissioned cremated remains containers. All uncontaminated green waste is chipped to be used as garden mulch for landscaping projects. 

Recycling and continuous improvement at Geelong Cemeteries Trust

Lighting, Water And Solar Savings

Geelong Cemeteries Trust has also invested in L.E.D lighting throughout all properties, 5 star water devices have been installed and rainwater is harvested through the use of water tanks.Two 30KW Solar PV systems have been installed at the Crematorium and one 30Kw Solar PV system has been installed at the Eastern Cemetery – this initiative has an environmental benefit of over 3000kg of CO2 savings per annum (equivalent to 800 trees!). 

Solar power

Green Funerals

You may have heard of ‘Green Funerals’ across our social media platforms? These funerals include natural burials and cremation memorials available at our Queenscliff, Leopold and Gisborne Cemeteries. 

Our Lorne Cemetery also has an area for natural cremation memorials. The Trust follows Green Burial policies for all sites as well as environmental cremation guidelines. You can read more on green funerals here

Queenscliff Cemetery Nature Walk

Sustainable Design

Throughout the master plans of all sites, we have employed sustainability resilience principles in our landscape designs, including but not limited to water sensitive urban design and planting drought tolerant flora. We are also continually monitoring and improving efficiencies in our processes and equipment, striving to reduce energy costs and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. 

Audits And Continual Improvement 

Geelong Cemeteries Trust also undertakes regular audits and surveys as part of Ecological and Arboricultural Assessment for all sites. Other actions include our annual tree planning program and bi-annual GHG assessments.

With a focus on education and improvement opportunities, Geelong Cemeteries Trust holds several memberships of local sustainability and landcare groups, subscribes to relevant e-news and magazines, and presents Geelong Cemeteries Trust Sustainability to the community for collaboration.

Read more about all of our environmental sustainability initiatives here.

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