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Funeral Live Streaming

Funeral Live Streaming

Funeral Live Streaming

A reminder that Geelong Cemeteries Trust provides the option to have funeral and memorial services live streamed at our beautiful Geelong Crematorium Chapel. This facility is equipped to allow for non-intrusive live streaming of services for loved ones who are not able to attend in person. 

Grieving and reflecting on a person’s life is incredibly important. Even though the Geelong Cemeteries Trust has provided funeral live streaming for 10 years now, the streaming service during COVID-19 and in the last 12 months is an essential part of how families and friends can still to be part of a funeral, regardless of restrictions. Geelong Cemeteries Trust is proud to offer technology that facilitates high definition, professional quality live streaming. 

 The webcasts are hosted via a secure service that is password protected online. Chosen family and friends are given a unique password which grants them access to view their departed loved one’s service life, or for up to six months after the service. 

This password can also be shared with others, allowing them to be part of the service.

Funeral Service Recordings

In addition to live webcasting, we also offer funeral service recordings. A service recording is the filming of a funeral or memorial service, without live streaming. 

The service video is then made available on USB after the event. A webcast (live stream) is not needed in order to have a service recording however if you or your family are interested in both options, we are more than happy to arrange this for you. Please contact us if you are interested in having a webcast and/or a service recording at your own or your loved one’s funeral.

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