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History Alive QR Code Tours

History Alive QR Code Tours

Geelong Cemeteries Trust History Alive – Eastern Cemetery

Self-Guided Tour

For those who are unable to attend our popular History Alive tours, the Geelong Cemeteries Trust has now created a self-guided walk of the History Alive tour within the historical sections of the Geelong Eastern Cemetery. Visit some of the graves of our pioneers and read their story. All you need is a smart phone or tablet with a Quick Response (QR) reader downloaded, and you can follow the same trail that Captain Foster Fyans and James Harrison guides you through on the full tour.

Use your QR reader to download the story of Caroline Newcomb, Elizabeth Austin, Reverend Andrew Love, Howard Hitchcock, Francis Nesbitt, and John Batman’s wife, Eliza Batman, and well as other notable Geelong people such as Hugh Niven (first burial in 1839), Alexander Thomson, Robert de Bruce Johnstone, Thomas Austin, George Armitage, Daniel Bunce, the Chirnsides of Werribee Mansion, Charles Brownlow, Francis Ormond, Ebenezer Backwell plus many more.

How do I download a QR Code?

QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response and the code acts like a bar code in a supermarket.

You need to download a QR Code reader to work on your phone/ tablet.
If you have an Android go to the market and search for QR Code.
If you have an iPhone go to the App Store and do the same.

You then use your phone or tablet’s camera and point it at the code that looks like the one in the photo. The story then will open automatically.

You can use this code to try it out.


Below is the aerial map of the Eastern Cemetery, with the graves identified with a star. Grave number 1 is that of Caroline Newcomb. At each one of these graves, you will see a granite plaque with the QR Code on an aluminium bollard. The self guided tour will take approximately two hours to complete.

                               1.    Caroline Newcomb                               13. Ebenezer Backwell                                     25.  Henry Malone
                               2.    Francis Beech                                        14.  Joseph Mack                                             26.  David Donaldson
                               3.    Alfred Douglass                                    15.  Charles Shannon                                       27.  Captain Francis Ormond
                               4.    James Harrison                                     16.  Francis Ormond MLC                                28.  Francis Nesbitt
                               5.    Hugh Niven                                           17.  John Bell                                                   29.  William Stitt Jenkins
                               6.    Varey Family                                          18.  Chirnside Family                                       30.  Henry Walter
                               7.    Captain Foster Fyans                             19.  Rev. Andrew Love                                     31.  Robert McIldowie
                               8.    William Weire                                        20.  Robert De Bruce Johnstone                      32.  Nathaniel Brown
                               9.    Eliza Batman (Willoughby)                    21.  Dr. Alexander Thomson                            33.  Charles Brownlow
                               10.  Dr. Sidney Robinson                              22.  Julius Solomon                                         34.  Godfey Hirst
                               11.  Armytage Vault                                      23.  Daniel Bunce                                            35.  Howard Hitchcock
                               12. Elizabeth Austin                                      24.  Patrick Carroll

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