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Beeac Cemetery – Project Update

Beeac Cemetery – Project Update

Beeac Cemetery


Since the Geelong Cemeteries Trust (the Trust) commenced the responsibilities at the Beeac Cemetery late 2014, a large amount of work has occurred to remove and trim old trees along the South boundary fence, as well as dangerous pine trees have been removed.

Monumental Pathways have been gravelled to improve pedestrian access and planting of trees and shrubs along the South boundary has commenced.

Parks Victoria has removed the dangerous stand of old pine trees on their land along the North Boundary, which will now be cleaned up ready for tree planting next year.

The Trust has also contracted surveyors to replot the entire cemetery to provide new plans as well as incorporate the data into the electronic burial system that is currently used by the Trust. Once these plans are complete and all known records verified, a deceased search function will be available for this cemetery on our website along with all our other cemeteries where the public can research burial records and print location maps.

A Master Plan has also been created that scopes out the future works of this cemetery, including the cemetery extension into the adjacent paddock. This Master Plan includes the fencing of all boundaries, to include the adjacent and front paddocks, the creation of an internal road loop for vehicular access throughout the property, planting boundary and feature trees and shrubs so when the property is needed as a cemetery, the landscaping will have semi-mature plantings, creation of a children’s burial area and cremation memorials, creation of a “lawn” section using native grasses and providing sufficient car parking outside and inside the cemetery.

Please see the attached link to the Master Plan for Beeac Cemetery.

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