Lawn Area Graves

Lawn graves have a foundation beam installed by the Trust that allows for either granite headstones or bronze plaques to be installed.

There are three types of lawn graves:

Granite Headstones arrangements may be made with a monumental mason to supply and install a granite headstone, of a design approved by the Trust.

Lawn Monuments at our cemeteries are of varying design. A double monument may be approved for two adjacent graves.

Please Note: Prior to establishing a memorial, a permit must be submitted to the Trust for approval. The holder of the Right of Interment is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial.  The trust will maintain the grounds. The style of the headstone or plaque permitted depends on the location of the grave, by cemetery and section.

A lawn, monument and concrete lined grave will cater for up to 3 burials (where permitted) and up to 4 sets of cremated remains.